Coronation Drive School Site – OMB Prehearing Conference

May 5, 2009 10:00am, Oakville Town Hall, Trafalgar Room

NEO-RA received notice from the developer that owns part of the school site on Coronation Drive of an Ontario Municipal Board Prehearing Conference. The developer, Ashley Oaks Homes, has appealed to the OMB “from the failure of the Town of Oakville to make a decision respecting a proposed plan of subdivision” and in particular “from Council’s refusal or neglect to enact a proposed amendment … to permit the development of a subdivision consisting of 28 detached dwellings”.

The first public hearing had been held as the Town was required to hold (October 1, 2008). The next step was for the Town to review and prepare a report and for this to be presented to Town council at a second public hearing. Thereafter a third hearing would occur where the council would vote on the application. Thereafter there could be an appeal to the OMB.

The developer appears to have appealed to the OMB at this time due to the amount of time that has passed without the next step occurring. It appears that the goal is to force the Town to move the process along with completing its report and having the second public hearing.

It is our hope the HCDSB will purchase the lot from Ashley Oaks. Thus we are hoping that the Town will deny the application for the subdivision. This appears likely given that the Town has a letter from HCDSB that they intend to build a school in 2011.

Members can contact the HCDSB and its trustees to encourage them to purchase the lot and to build a school and at a minimum to persist in retaining its right to purchase the lot. Members can contact their Town councillors to reiterate the community’s support for HCDSB retaining its right to purchase the lot.

NEO-RA will have representatives at the May 5, 2009 OMB Prehearing Conference.

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