Mid-Block Crossings in Ward 6

The Town of Oakville has planned four “mid-block crossings” in Ward 6 to be built this spring (perhaps a fifth to be added). These were highlighted in the Fall 2008 issue of “Let’s Talk Oakville”. The “mid-block crossings” are intended to ease pedestrian traffic without impeding vehicle traffic including road maintenance, emergency and transit vehicles. The features include: an island for pedestrians to use in completing the crossing; and existing curbs being cut to allow strollers, wheelchairs and bikes to cross to the island. Vehicles retain the right-of-way and there are no speed zone changes. There is signage warning vehicles of the crossing and there are no parking zones for the benefit of the pedestrians. Where space permits, bike lanes are persevered through the crossing.

NEO-RA has suggested to the Town that signage on the islands be kept low enough to avoid hiding pedestrians to vehicles or creating blind spots.

NEO-RA has requested that the Town provide final plans for our review and to consult with nearby residents before proceeding with rumble strips or other noisy or disruptive features. Residents should be involved as it is easier to make a suggested change before it is built than after.

Grand Boulevard at Falgarwood Trail system

From the Town: “More detailed review of this site indicates that a mid block crossing treatment here with physical features (i.e. raised median) would not be appropriate due to the alignment of the pathways and the driveway location at 1106 Grand Boulevard. We would likely review this location for potential enhanced lane markings and signage to highlight the crossing location. Trail users coming from the north side of Grand should be directed to the intersection of the Grand and Lancaster via the existing sidewalk. This crossing location would align with the trail on the south side of Grand.” Parking restrictions at this site were not available.

North Ridge Trail at Hydro One Corridor

The crossing will be nearer to the Grace Drive end of the corridor. North Ridge Trail is wide enough for bike lanes to continue uninterrupted through the crossing. There is a substantial no parking zone for this crossing. NEO-RA will be requesting that the Town designate this crossing a school zone with the speed limit reduced to 40 km/h given the heavy elementary student traffic that crosses North Ridge Trail at this point (see St. Marguerite D’Youville CS in upper right of photograph; also used by Joshua Creek PS students).

Bayshire Drive at Bayshire Woods Park

From the Town: “Most locations will see a raised curbed median. The Bayshire location is challenged due to the relatively narrow pavement width of 8 metres and required 1.8m median for bike refuge. This leaves a sub-standard width for winter plowing operations. Therefore the proposed curbs will be semi-mountable to allow the plows to ride up slightly through the median section. Consequently, and due to the relatively narrow width the median platform will be hard surfaced with coloured/patterned concrete. Most other locations where we have a wider road platform and a resulting wider crossing median we can provide a low maintenance landscaping treatment.” Parking restrictions at this site were not available.

Glenashton Boulevard at Morrison Valley North Trail system

No picture or details yet available for this crossing but it is at the trail between 8th Line and Trafalgar Road.

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