Prince Michael Drive Condo Development Notice For Water and Wastewater Servicing Capacity

The Town of Oakville's Planning and Development Council approved the report to remove the Holding Symbol "H" for the condo development on Prince Michael Drive during it's meeting on January 12, 2009.

"The Holding Provision "H" was incorporated into the Zoning By-Law to ensure that adequate water and waste water servicing capacity is available for the proposed development. The effect of the removal is to allow for the subject lands to be developed with the approved high density residential development"

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Parking at a School: Don’t Park Where You Shouldn’t

There is street parking by parents at our local schools in both no stopping zones and no parking zones. This illegal street parking is worst at drop-off and pick-up, the very times when there are many students walking about. These zones prohibit stopping and parking for the safety of the students. Please park responsibly at our schools by obeying the parking zoning.

NEO-RA has requested that the Town of Oakville monitor and enforce parking in front of Joshua Creek PS and St. Marguerite D’Youville CS. We support the Town enforcing its parking zonings. The Town is experience parking problems at other schools besides ours.

Our members are mostly parents. We appreciate the difficulties that inadequate parking facilities impose on us. Please speak up and let your school and school board know about inadequate parking facilities (there are links at bottom of this page). Try to find workarounds and co-operate with the efforts of your school councils.

At Joshua Creek PS, the HDSB has allowed its construction activity to reduce onsite parking spaces. We are requesting that these reductions be eliminated in whole or in part as soon as possible to make use of the onsite parking.

We are also requesting that the HDSB provide a drop-off area for Falgarwood PS.

Update on Coronation Drive School Lot 12/12/2008

The school lot is in two pieces, the ‘north’ portion needed its price set and was in arbitration in November 2008. The ‘south’ portion remains with the developer. It has been communicated that HCDSB intends to acquire the entire school lot. However, the acquisition of the ‘south’ portion remains outstanding. We continue to encourage the HCDSB to acquire the entire lot as soon as possible.

The following update was obtained at the end of November: “The HCDSB is finalizing the arbitration agreement on the first parcel of land. Once this is signed, the Board will commence with the process regarding discussions with respect to the acquisition of the Ashley Oaks lands.”

On the other side: “Thank you for your inquiry; I regret to inform you that HCDSB has never made any intent to purchase our property.” … and … “We can not wait forever, and I hope you and our neighbours will understand that we must do something with it.”

Congratulations to Trustee Bruce Jones

Our residents’ association would like to congratulate Trustee Bruce Jones on his recent elevation to Chair of the Halton District School Board. We wish trustee Jones success in his new role at the HDSB. We look forward to working with trustee Jones through his new role on improving the public education system for students in our ward.

News From the November 26, 2008 NEO-RA Meeting

We had our regular Council meeting followed by a discussion with Mayor Burton. We were pleased with the opportunity to hear from Mayor Burton on the activities and direction of Town Council and the Region of Halton: thank you Mayor for the information and the discussion.

You can view Mayor Burton’s 2008 Status Report and remarks at: (September 29, 2008, Item 1)

Town Councillor Tom Adams joined the discussion and assisted with various questions and was helpful as always.

At the regular Council meeting we were pleased to welcome John Paulic as a new Councillor. Other business included establishing two new committees:

Dundas Noise Committee
Munn’s PS Addition Committee

Our next meeting will be in the evening of January 28, 2009. Please check back for time and place.

Munn’s Public School Addition Committee

The purpose of this committee is to delegate the HDSB in support of the planned addition to Munn’s PS. NEO-RA supports an addition being built onto Munn’s PS. This addition is to be put forward for approval by the HDSB in January 2009. Our committee may consider including in its delegation a recommendation for revisions to plans. Niklas Moeller is chairperson of this committee. Please email us if you want to participate in the activities of this committee.

Dundas Noise Committee

The purpose of the committee is to address the concerns of the residents along Dundas Street with regards to noise pollution. John Paulic is the chairpersons of this committee and is joined by Addy El-Rayes and Nancy Pavao. Please email us if you want to participate in the activities of this committee.

News From the October 29, 2008 NEO-RA Meeting

We were pleased to host a presentation by Town Councillor Tom Adams last week for public consultation on the Town of Oakville’s 2009 budget. Councillor Adams is the Chair of the Town’s 2009 Budget Committee. Councillor Adams was joined by Patti Elliott-Spencer, Director of Finance & Treasurer: thank you to both for a worthwhile presentation and discussion.

The preliminary budget forecast shows a 10.23% increase in the Town’s portion of the 2009 tax levy. The total property tax is split between education, Region of Halton and the Town. The weighted increase in the 2009 tax levy will depend on the changes in all of these components. The Town is looking to significantly lower this preliminary increase. The Town is looking for feedback from the public on spending priorities and otherwise, so if you have views, don’t keep them to yourself.

You can find information and the schedule at:
You can submit to:

Our next meeting will be in the evening of November 26, 2008. On this evening we will be hosting Mayor Burton. Mayor Burton will update us on Town Council’s plans for the future, and he wants to hear what type of future we envision for Oakville. Please check back for time and place.

Town’s Fall Newsletter

Last week you will have received in the mail the Town’s fall newsletter, a glossy magazine entitled “Let’s Talk Oakville”. There’s lots of good information to read. We were pleased that Councillor’s Adams and Khan arranged for our residents’ association to be introduced in this newsletter (see it on page 27).

The mid-block trail crossings (page 26) is an item of interest:
- Fifteen are coming in the spring of 2009
- Five are coming to our Ward 6, and maybe a sixth
- The purpose is to facilitate pedestrian crossings with minimal traffic interruption
- Sample picture is illustrated
- North Ridge Trail crossing may or may not be useful in addressing crossing needs for school children attending St. Marguerite d’Youville CS and Joshua Creek PS; we will need to learn more

The update on school planning for Coronation Drive (page 28) is not complete. Our understanding is:
- Arbitration on the price of the one part of the school lot is currently in progress between HCDSB and the one developer
- The other part of the school lot has not been released by the HCDSB and the HCDSB has indicated that it intends to purchase it but this has yet to occur; the developer who owns this part has an application with the Town to rezone and subdivide this part for housing; HCDSB opposed this application; NEORA opposed this application; next step with Town is statutory public meeting which has not yet been scheduled; this developer has filed an appeal with the OMB
- To get a school on the site, the HCDSB needs to acquire the property, approve a school and arrange for funding
- Things are more complex than the article suggests; nothing has changed relative to our other posting:

Update on the Halton District School Board Long Term Accomodation Plan

The HDSB held a public meeting in Oakville on October 2nd, 2008 for review of its Long Term Accommodation Plan.

The plan seems to be more of the same for Halton public elementary schools with schools designed for approximately 500 students being upsized with classrooms to hold about 700 students … and then portables added to accommodate excess enrolment. This puts stress on the ability of schools to deliver programs (overcrowding infringes on ability to have special use classrooms such as music, art, technology) and denies students a desired level of access to common facilities (gymnasium, library, computers). This plan seems to be driven by the monetary consideration that it is more efficient cost-wise to run more students through the same common facilities: the Superintendent of Business Services expressed how little it costs HDSB for construction if he takes a school for 500 students and adds on classrooms to fit in another 200 students.

There is a cost-quality equation. As parents we’d like programs to be delivered to our children and for them to receive reasonable access to school facilities: we don’t think programs and access to facilities should be compromised because our families live in new developments. The HDSB has not communicated whether they have other priorities or if there is a lack of funding that is at odds with delivering this quality of education to new schools, maybe it’s both.

Note on Full-time Kindergarten

The Superintendent of Business Services indicated that the Province has asked the HDSB to revise its submission for new elementary schools by increasing school size to accommodate full-time kindergarten. The impression left was that this was a good indicator of where the Province is headed on this issue. He also noted that the HDSB had yet to decide (or perhaps it will be the Province’s decision) whether full-time kindergarten would be administered under the Day Nurseries Act or the Education Act: this would affect student-teacher ratios and space per student, among other things.

Presently, there are 32 kindergarten classes in the HDSB and HCDSB schools that serve Ward 6 Oakville: 9 Joshua Creek PS, 4 Falgarwood PS, 5 Sheridan PS (18 HDSB); 5 St. Marguerite d’Youville CS, 6 St. Andrew CS, 3 Holy Family CS (14 HCDSB). This means 16 new classes for our schools. Given that most of these schools already have portables, this means many more portables and more stress on program delivery and denial of access to common facilities.

If full-time kindergarten is phased in, schools like Joshua Creek PS may be put near the end of the list as it may not have room for additional portables, or else further boundary changes would be needed. Other schools with portables may also be put near the end of the list as the additional classes from implementation in these schools mean additional portables which are an additional cost compared to implementing in underutilized schools in other communities within Halton. For parents who want full-time kindergarten this would mean another programming shortfall.

For more information and feedback forms please click on the link below:

Coronation Drive School Site Update

Summary from Town meeting of October 1, 2008 regarding application to rezone and subdivide school site on Coronation Drive

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Email from HCDSB Trustee Pauline Houlahan
Presentation by Our Residents’ Association
Application to Rezone and Subdivide and Our Petition to the Town

The Town meeting was well attended. Our residents’ association was represented. We voiced:
- Opposition to the application to rezone and subdivide the school site;
- The need for more school capacity in our community;
- Support of the HCDSB retaining its rights to this school site;
- Our hope that the HCDSB would build a school at this site; and
- Support for these positions by submitting 490 signed petitions from our community.

A few notes for information:
- The school site consists of two lots owned by two different developers.
- The smaller portion is nearer North Ridge Trail (the “north lot”). It was communicated that this north lot is owned by the HCDSB and that they are commencing arbitration late October 2008 to set the price that the HCDSB will pay that developer.
- The developer who owns the larger portion (the “south lot”) has applied for its lot to be subdivided and rezoned. The developer indicated that it has attempted to sell the south lot to the HCDSB and is still eager to sell it to the HCDSB. If the HCDSB doesn’t want the lot, the developer would like it released for housing rather than let it stagnate: summarized by the wish that the HCDSB “fish or cut bait”.
- The HCDSB has communicated to the Town that they are not releasing their rights to purchase the south lot and that they intend to purchase it.
- It was stated that the HCDSB intends to construct a school on this site in 2010-2011. Please note that the HCDSB will want to know that they will have the students to use the school before they’ll build a school. While there is no guarantee of a school even if the HCDSB purchases the site, there definitely won’t be a school if they don’t.

- There are two more steps in the Town process.

o Next step is a statuary public meeting where Town staff will report to Town councillors on the application.

o Following that, at a later meeting Town councillors will vote on the application.

o The dates for these meetings is not known (perhaps several months to the next and again to the last). Additional petitions will be collected and submitted at the next Town meeting to add to our total.

- Earlier this year the developer filed an appeal with the Ontario Municipal Board concerning this application. This could be heard as early as mid-November 2008 but perhaps not until sometime in 2009. The OMB has the authority to overrule a decision by the Town.

There are three things running together: the arbitration on the north lot; the Town process; and the appeal to the OMB. The arbitration on the north lot is relevant as it will be an indicator for determining the price of the larger south lot.

It is easy to say that the HCDSB should just buy the south lot and be done with it, but that is too narrow a look. The whole subdivision was divvied up many years ago for various uses and the school boards were given the right to purchase specific lots from the developers and the developers were able to build on other lots. Our subdivision is nearing completion but there are still a large number of residents yet to move into their homes or for their homes to still be completed or even started. Beyond legal rights, it is just plain reasonable that if HCDSB needs more time to determine whether they want a school on this site, they should be given some more time. After all, it is a long term decision and we don’t want our school boards being forced to make premature decisions that might lead to school sites being released that should have been retained.

There is no need for antagonism towards any party. The HCDSB is looking after its interests. The developer is looking after its interests. Our community is looking after its interests. The Town and the Province have processes for these matters to be resolved. Our residents’ association will continue to participate in these processes. We encourage all residents to participate in these processes.

In the meantime, please take up Trustee Pauline Houlahan’s invitation to contact her and her fellow Oakville Trustees with your comments. We will gladly assist the HCDSB in demonstrating the need for a Catholic elementary school so that they can move beyond acquiring a school site and onto building a school.

Email to NEO-RA from HCDSB Trustee Pauline Houlahan

Please click below for the Email from HCDSB Trustee Pauline Houlahan:

HCDSB Trustees for Oakville Email Addresses are as follows:

Pauline Houlahan
Anthony Danko
Ed Viana
Alice Anne LeMay

Coronation Dr. School Lot Presentation by NEO-RA to the Town of Oakville on October 1st, 2008

Please click below for the Presentation by Our Residents’ Association:

Petition Regarding The Coronation Dr. School Lot

The Town of Oakville hosted a Public Information Meeting on October 1st, 2008 with regards to the Coronation Drive school lot rezoning and subdivision applicatoin. Please check back for information about the next Town of Oakville public meeting with regards to this application.

For more information regarding the application
Please click on the notice below.

NEO-RA is circulating a petition to be sent to the Town of Oakville opposing the application to have the Coronation Drive lot currently zoned for schools subdivided to allow the construction of 28 homes and rezoned to allow greater density. Please sign this petition (email, mail and fax instructions are on the petition).

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To Lose Driving Range at Joshuas Creek Drive & Upper Middle Road

Public Information Meeting October 6th, 2008

The Town of Oakville held a public information meeting regarding the application to amend the Town's Official Plan and Zoning By-Law to permit employment uses on the lands located south-east of Upper Middle Road and Joshuas Creek Drive.

The meeting was hosted by the Town of Oakville's Planning and Development Council on Monday October 6th, 2008.

For more information regarding the application please visit:

Please click on the notice below.

Review of The Halton District School Board's Long-Term Accommodation Plan

The Halton District School Board hosted a public meeting to review and provide feedback on the Long-Term Accommodation Plan for Oakville on October 2, 2008 at the Iroquois Ridge High School. This plan addresses the accommodation needs of students in elementary and secondary schools.

For more information and feedback forms please visit:
*****Revised Information*****

Prince Michael Drive Condo's Site Plan Committee Meeting Sept.16th

The site plan application for the Prince Michael Dr. construction of eight residential townhouses (60 units) and two 8 storey condominum apartment buildings (375 units) was heard by the Town of Oakville's Site Plan Committe Meeting on Tuesday, September 16th, 2008. Please click below for more information....

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