Prince Michael Drive Condo Development Notice For Water and Wastewater Servicing Capacity

The Town of Oakville's Planning and Development Council approved the report to remove the Holding Symbol "H" for the condo development on Prince Michael Drive during it's meeting on January 12, 2009.

"The Holding Provision "H" was incorporated into the Zoning By-Law to ensure that adequate water and waste water servicing capacity is available for the proposed development. The effect of the removal is to allow for the subject lands to be developed with the approved high density residential development"

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Parking at a School: Don’t Park Where You Shouldn’t

There is street parking by parents at our local schools in both no stopping zones and no parking zones. This illegal street parking is worst at drop-off and pick-up, the very times when there are many students walking about. These zones prohibit stopping and parking for the safety of the students. Please park responsibly at our schools by obeying the parking zoning.

NEO-RA has requested that the Town of Oakville monitor and enforce parking in front of Joshua Creek PS and St. Marguerite D’Youville CS. We support the Town enforcing its parking zonings. The Town is experience parking problems at other schools besides ours.

Our members are mostly parents. We appreciate the difficulties that inadequate parking facilities impose on us. Please speak up and let your school and school board know about inadequate parking facilities (there are links at bottom of this page). Try to find workarounds and co-operate with the efforts of your school councils.

At Joshua Creek PS, the HDSB has allowed its construction activity to reduce onsite parking spaces. We are requesting that these reductions be eliminated in whole or in part as soon as possible to make use of the onsite parking.

We are also requesting that the HDSB provide a drop-off area for Falgarwood PS.

Update on Coronation Drive School Lot 12/12/2008

The school lot is in two pieces, the ‘north’ portion needed its price set and was in arbitration in November 2008. The ‘south’ portion remains with the developer. It has been communicated that HCDSB intends to acquire the entire school lot. However, the acquisition of the ‘south’ portion remains outstanding. We continue to encourage the HCDSB to acquire the entire lot as soon as possible.

The following update was obtained at the end of November: “The HCDSB is finalizing the arbitration agreement on the first parcel of land. Once this is signed, the Board will commence with the process regarding discussions with respect to the acquisition of the Ashley Oaks lands.”

On the other side: “Thank you for your inquiry; I regret to inform you that HCDSB has never made any intent to purchase our property.” … and … “We can not wait forever, and I hope you and our neighbours will understand that we must do something with it.”

Congratulations to Trustee Bruce Jones

Our residents’ association would like to congratulate Trustee Bruce Jones on his recent elevation to Chair of the Halton District School Board. We wish trustee Jones success in his new role at the HDSB. We look forward to working with trustee Jones through his new role on improving the public education system for students in our ward.

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