NEO-RA's Position on Gas Fired Power Generation Plants

The North-East Oakville Residents' Association:

  • Supports a stable electrical grid that meets local electrical demands
  • Recognizes the benefits from local electrical generation
  • Is concerned that the proposed locations for the power plant are in a stressed air shed and could negatively affect the air quality of our community
  • Is concerned that increased air pollution would negatively affect the health and welfare of our community
  • Supports the Town of Oakville’s bylaw relating to the power plant and the Town’s process to identify appropriate areas for power plants in Oakville and to revise its official plan accordingly
  • Will participate in the Town’s process as it relates to locations in or near our residential areas
  • Will not oppose areas from being identified as appropriate for power plants if they are sufficiently distant from residences of North-East Oakville; review and comment on other areas should come from residents local to those areas; we view the proposed TransCanada Site to be sufficiently distant from residences of North- East Oakville
  • Will encourage all power plant proposals to include offsets for fine particulate matter pollution that exceed the levels that their proposals would create

Minimizing the amount of fine particulate matter pollution to be created by the power plant will minimize the offsets needed to reduce pollution.

Coronation Drive School Site OMB Hearing. Updated July 20, 2009

The OMB hearing for the school site on Coronation Drive has been deferred to the early part of 2010. The HCDSB and the developer have agreed to mediation.

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