Coronation Drive School Site – OMB Prehearing Conference

May 5, 2009 10:00am, Oakville Town Hall, Trafalgar Room

NEO-RA received notice from the developer that owns part of the school site on Coronation Drive of an Ontario Municipal Board Prehearing Conference. The developer, Ashley Oaks Homes, has appealed to the OMB “from the failure of the Town of Oakville to make a decision respecting a proposed plan of subdivision” and in particular “from Council’s refusal or neglect to enact a proposed amendment … to permit the development of a subdivision consisting of 28 detached dwellings”.

The first public hearing had been held as the Town was required to hold (October 1, 2008). The next step was for the Town to review and prepare a report and for this to be presented to Town council at a second public hearing. Thereafter a third hearing would occur where the council would vote on the application. Thereafter there could be an appeal to the OMB.

The developer appears to have appealed to the OMB at this time due to the amount of time that has passed without the next step occurring. It appears that the goal is to force the Town to move the process along with completing its report and having the second public hearing.

It is our hope the HCDSB will purchase the lot from Ashley Oaks. Thus we are hoping that the Town will deny the application for the subdivision. This appears likely given that the Town has a letter from HCDSB that they intend to build a school in 2011.

Members can contact the HCDSB and its trustees to encourage them to purchase the lot and to build a school and at a minimum to persist in retaining its right to purchase the lot. Members can contact their Town councillors to reiterate the community’s support for HCDSB retaining its right to purchase the lot.

NEO-RA will have representatives at the May 5, 2009 OMB Prehearing Conference.

Mid-Block Crossings in Ward 6

The Town of Oakville has planned four “mid-block crossings” in Ward 6 to be built this spring (perhaps a fifth to be added). These were highlighted in the Fall 2008 issue of “Let’s Talk Oakville”. The “mid-block crossings” are intended to ease pedestrian traffic without impeding vehicle traffic including road maintenance, emergency and transit vehicles. The features include: an island for pedestrians to use in completing the crossing; and existing curbs being cut to allow strollers, wheelchairs and bikes to cross to the island. Vehicles retain the right-of-way and there are no speed zone changes. There is signage warning vehicles of the crossing and there are no parking zones for the benefit of the pedestrians. Where space permits, bike lanes are persevered through the crossing.

NEO-RA has suggested to the Town that signage on the islands be kept low enough to avoid hiding pedestrians to vehicles or creating blind spots.

NEO-RA has requested that the Town provide final plans for our review and to consult with nearby residents before proceeding with rumble strips or other noisy or disruptive features. Residents should be involved as it is easier to make a suggested change before it is built than after.

Grand Boulevard at Falgarwood Trail system

From the Town: “More detailed review of this site indicates that a mid block crossing treatment here with physical features (i.e. raised median) would not be appropriate due to the alignment of the pathways and the driveway location at 1106 Grand Boulevard. We would likely review this location for potential enhanced lane markings and signage to highlight the crossing location. Trail users coming from the north side of Grand should be directed to the intersection of the Grand and Lancaster via the existing sidewalk. This crossing location would align with the trail on the south side of Grand.” Parking restrictions at this site were not available.

North Ridge Trail at Hydro One Corridor

The crossing will be nearer to the Grace Drive end of the corridor. North Ridge Trail is wide enough for bike lanes to continue uninterrupted through the crossing. There is a substantial no parking zone for this crossing. NEO-RA will be requesting that the Town designate this crossing a school zone with the speed limit reduced to 40 km/h given the heavy elementary student traffic that crosses North Ridge Trail at this point (see St. Marguerite D’Youville CS in upper right of photograph; also used by Joshua Creek PS students).

Bayshire Drive at Bayshire Woods Park

From the Town: “Most locations will see a raised curbed median. The Bayshire location is challenged due to the relatively narrow pavement width of 8 metres and required 1.8m median for bike refuge. This leaves a sub-standard width for winter plowing operations. Therefore the proposed curbs will be semi-mountable to allow the plows to ride up slightly through the median section. Consequently, and due to the relatively narrow width the median platform will be hard surfaced with coloured/patterned concrete. Most other locations where we have a wider road platform and a resulting wider crossing median we can provide a low maintenance landscaping treatment.” Parking restrictions at this site were not available.

Glenashton Boulevard at Morrison Valley North Trail system

No picture or details yet available for this crossing but it is at the trail between 8th Line and Trafalgar Road.

Public Information Centre For Ninth Line Improvements

An information meeting will be held on Tuesday April 21st, 2009 in the Trafalgar Room at Oakville's Town Hall with regards to:

Public Information Centre - Class Environmental Assessment Study
Ninth Line Transportation Corridor Improvements - Dundas Street to Upper Middle Road.

6:30 pm to 7:00 pm - Drop-In Centre
7:00 pm - Presentation followed by question/answer session.

For more info please click:

Highlights from the April 8th, 2009 meeting with TransCanada.

NEO-RA held a meeting with TransCanada on April 8th, 2009 to gather information with regards to the proposed Oakville gas powered electricity generation plant.

Please click below for the meeting notes and answers to questions provided by NEO-RA:

TransCanada will be holding an open house in Oakville on April 14th.
Oakville Generating Station Open House #1
Tuesday April 14th, 2009, 4 – 8 p.m. at the Holiday Inn Oakville Centre
590 Argus Road, Oakville

Proposed TransCanada Generating Station in Oakville Update March 27, 2009

TransCanada will be commencing environmental studies associated with its proposed Oakville Generating Station (OGS) in the coming weeks. TransCanada is holding a public open house on Tuesday, April 14th to in order to share information and gather public input about the proposed OGS and these studies. Please click on the notices below.

For more information please click:

Halton Regional Police Service - Crime prevention suggestions for Halton residents, in relation to residential break and enters.

A message from Councillor Max Khan on April 3rd, 2009:
"Over the past few days, there has been a significant increase in the number of residential break and enters throughout Oakville. I spoke to the Halton Regional Police Services this evening and was advised that , today alone, there were 4 such incidents in Oakville. Please review the attached Press Release that sets out some precautionary measures that ought to be implemented. "

Police seek male culprit for break and enters to three residences in the Town of Oakville.

On Friday April 3, 2009, at 11:00 AM, a male culprit attended a residence located on Pinery Crescent in the Town of Oakville. The male person rang the door bell and upon getting no response from an occupant he forced open the front door. A female resident was home at this time and hid in a bedroom and contacted the Halton Regional Police Service.

Due to recent increase in the number of break and enters in the Town of Oakville plainclothes officers were already on patrol in the area. Officers attended the scene quickly and observed the culprit getting into a motor vehicle parked out front of the residence. The culprit quickly drove off and was followed by plainclothes police officers to nearby Park Lane Road where he abandoned the vehicle and fled on foot through backyards.

A short time later the male culprit went to a second residence located on Kathleen Crescent in the Town of Oakville. The male culprit forced open the front door of the residence and took a set of car keys that were in close proximity to the front door. A male resident was home at this time and he immediately notified police as he observed the culprit run out of the residence.

The male culprit was observed running towards a ravine area near Laurelwood Drive, but was able to make good his escape. Investigators believe that the male culprit then went to a residence on Laurelwood Drive and found an unlocked garage door and hid inside the garage to elude the responding police officers.

No citizens were directly harmed or accosted in these three break and enter incidents. Police investigators have identified the male culprit responsible for these incidents and obtained arrest warrants for the offences of:

- Breaking and entering and commit theft, contrary to the Criminal Code. (* 2 Counts)

- Breaking and entering with intent to commit theft, contrary to the Criminal Code.

- Possession of stolen property, contrary to the Criminal Code.

Charged: Michael Brian HEWITT (35 years old) of no fixed address in the City of Toronto. The Halton Regional Police Service would like to remind the public to be vigilant in observing and reporting of any suspicious persons or motor vehicles that may be involved in day time residential break and enters of this nature.

The investigation into the recent rash of Break and Enters in the Town of Oakville is ongoing and it continues to be a high priority. The Halton Regional Police Service wants to remind residents of some key crime prevention strategies regarding this recent increase in break and enters that can minimize their risk of being victimized:

- Store any large amounts of currency or valuable jewellery, particularly family heirlooms, in a safe, secure, and hidden location.

- A safety deposit box is the preferred location to store such valuables. - Maintain an up to date list of all valuable electronic equipment including the make, model, and serial number for each item. Store the list somewhere other than your home computer.

- Ensure your exterior doors are as secure as possible, with up to date locking systems.

- Ensure that their home does not show obvious signs of being unoccupied, such as uncollected newspapers or mail.

For additional crime prevention tips residents are encouraged to visits the Halton Regional Police website @ . The Safety and Security Tips can be found under the Community Policing tab on the home page. Residents without access to the internet can contact their nearest police division within Halton Region and ask to speak to the Community Support Officer.

If you observe anything that you feel might be of a suspicious nature in relation to these incidents, please contact the police at (905) 878-5511. If it is an emergency situation, including a crime in progress, use the 911 emergency telephone system to contact police. Anyone with information only is asked to contact the Oakville Criminal Investigations Bureau at (905) 825-4777 Ext 2215 or by calling Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS

Construction at Joshua Creek PS: Done? Almost

The new additions are finally completed at Joshua Creek PS. They were scheduled to be completed August 31, 2008 but were not ready until March 23, 2009; a 7 month miss on a plan approved in April 2008 to be completed in four months. Hopefully these new classrooms will be a positive to the learning environment at Joshua Creek PS for many years to come.

Both the north and the south parking lots are now useable. This should alleviate some parking pressures. There are to be an additional 10 permanent parking spaces added to the existing parking lots (timing is unknown).

Additionally, the school now has two drop off zones, the original drop-off zone in the north parking lot as well as a new drop off zone in the south parking lot. The addition of a second drop off zone was required by the Town of Oakville in conjunction with approval of the expansion of the school. From the Town of Oakville:

“The Site Plan Committee's request for a second drop-off area was accommodated on the approved site plan drawing. Drop-off areas are designated on the north side and south side of the school building.......
directing parents to use these drop-off areas is an operational function to be addressed by the school and school board.”

The new drop off zone in the south parking lot should alleviate some of the congestion in the north parking lot by spreading out the traffic as well as making better use of the second exit of the site.

Another aspect of the construction is that the four-pack of portables in the south corner of the property were to be removed. They are not gone yet. The Town of Oakville received a communication from Halton District School Board that they won’t be removed until the summer months. We have been told that they will be gone by September 2009. We hope that they will be removed sooner than later. The students have had a restricted school yard since September 2008 and using the limited school yard for storing vacated portables is clearly not best for the school body.

It would also be nice for the neighbouring homeowners to be rid of these vacated portables after enduring a long construction period. The construction was to have been completed August 31, 2008 with these four portables removed by that time, if the HDSB uses the school yard as a storage site for vacated portables it will aggravate the delay. Immediate removal of these vacated portables would help make up for the 7 month miss. We will be requesting that the HDSB remove these four vacated portables immediately.

HDSB Decisions for Ward 4: Impact on Ward 6

In late March 2009 HDSB decided to build a new elementary school in Palermo to open September 2010. This school will be dual-track, English track and French Immersion track. As reported by the Oakville Beaver:

“To alleviate over-crowding at Ecole Forest Trail Public School, and avoid the need for the board to make costly relocations of portables, French immersion students in Grades 1 to 3 who will eventually move to the Palermo school will be temporarily housed at Lorne Skuce [Public] School for the 2009/2010 academic year. That school, located on Ridge Drive is currently acting as a holding school for students awaiting renovation of Montclair [Public School], but will be vacant next September.”

This makes it a priority for HDSB to be able to vacate Lorne Skuce PS for September 2009. This could affect our Ward 6 Munn’s PS (which is in Ward 5 like Lorne Skuce PS). Munn’s PS is supposed to get an addition built by September 2009 but this might be not get construction priority from HDSB relative to the construction at Montclair PS since Montclair PS needs to be done in order to vacate Lorne Skuce PS.

The good news is that the construction at Montclair PS and Munn’s PS were awarded to different firms (PM Contracting for Montclair PS and STF Construction for Munn’s PS). Of course, we know nothing of the other projects of these firms or how they are resourced. We do know that this project is already 2 months delayed and that the additions at Joshua Creek PS were finished 7 months behind schedule.

Delays at Munn’s PS could mean a few things. One possibility is that there would be more portables at Munn’s PS during delayed construction and having the school year progress while the school is under construction (this is what occurred at Joshua Creek PS). Another possibility is that some students from Munn’s PS would be sent to Lorne Skuce PS for 2009/2010. Why? If Munn’s PS isn’t ready it doesn’t have the capacity and HDSB might say, “Since we’re bussing these kids anyway and we’ve got capacity at Lorne Skuce PS and its FI too, so that’s what we’re doing.”

Of course, if HDSB makes a mess of Munn’s PS, it may cause continued low French immersion participation from Ward 6 (relative to other Oakville wards). This could have repercussions on enrolment at other Ward 6 schools.

NOTE: the size for the Palermo school is 440-students, which is much smaller than the 700-student size that Superintendent Parfeniuk stated was what HDSB builds when he rejected building a new school for Ward 6 (we couldn’t fill a 700-student school but we could have filled a 500-student school), but it is similarly sized to the 504-students for the Clearview school approved earlier this year. Its 500-student schools for Ward 3 and Ward 4 but not for Ward 6.

What are no parking and no stopping zones?

We’ve corresponded with Town of Oakville staff to help clarify this question.

At schools, recreation centres and commercial sites there will be no parking zones and sometimes no stopping zones. These zones may be on the site and/or on neighbouring streets.

No parking zones (a “P” with a line through it) mean that vehicles can be in these zones but must be manned in a “standing” position, that is, the driver must be in the vehicle ready to move it. You cause a violation if you leave your vehicle parked in the zone.

No stopping zones (a stop sign with a line through it) are more restrictive than no parking zones in that the vehicle is not allowed to stop in these zones even if the driver remains in the vehicle ready to move it.

No parking zones are often in place for fire routes. It is the responsibility of the facility operator to maintain an unobstructed fire route so that it is accessible for fire department vehicles. For example, at a school, the school administration is responsible for having operational protocols in place, such as informing parents of the requirement to remain with their vehicle and to be prepared to vacate the area, using by-law enforcement in dealing with infractions, etc.

No stopping zones or no parking zones on Town streets are not the responsibility of the facility operator but rather fall to by-law enforcement.

If you are concerned with non-compliance in no stopping zones or no parking zones, contact the facility operator or Town by-law enforcement. The Town of Oakville directs that, if you observe a vehicle parking in a prohibited area (signed "No Parking" or "No Stopping"), you can call the Town during regular business hours ( Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, 905-845-6601) to request that a Parking Control Officer be dispatched and after hours and on weekends a Parking Control Officer can be dispatched through Halton Regional Police Services (call 905-878-5511).

Do you think Oakville’s Ward boundaries should change for 2010 elections or after?

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