Livable Oakville Public Events

The following meetings are part of the process to adopt Livable Oakville - the new official plan. Learn more about the draft official plan.

Livable Oakville Wards 5&6 meeting is on Wednesday May 13th, at Town Hall, Committee Room 1 (opens at 6:30pm, presentation at 7:15pm).

Highlights of the draft new official plan will be displayed and presented. Planning staff will be on hand to share information, answer questions and receive public comments.

Livable Oakville statutory open house is on May 21, 2009 at Town Hall, Committee Room 1 (opens at 6:30pm, presentation at 7:15pm).

Livable Oakville statutory public meeting is on June 2, 2009 at 7:00pm at Town Hall, Council Chambers.

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Town Wins Creekbank Appeal at OMB Hearing

News release provided by the Town of Oakville:

Oakville, May 7, 2009
The Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) upheld the Town of Oakville’s position in an employment lands conversion case that ended last week.

The decision released Wednesday, dismissed an application by Creekbank Properties (Oakville) Ltd. to build three high-rise residential buildings and a four to five storey building on the former Park Plaza/Ramada Inn site near Oakville Place, west of the North Service Road and south of Oakville Place Drive.

“This is a significant win for Oakville. Retaining valuable employment land for the Town is vital to the economic growth of Oakville,” Mayor Rob Burton said. “The OMB decision enforces Council’s goal to seek opportunities for business development as we move towards a sustainable knowledge-based economy.”

The Provincial Policy Statement and the Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe requires the protection of employment areas. The Town was successful in confirming that this is an employment area. For that reason, the OMB concluded that allowing Creekbank to build a residential development would require the lands to be converted to non-employment, which is not consistent with provincial policy.

The Town has just released its draft Economic Development Strategy which focuses on three goals: to attract knowledge-based industries in the professional services, advanced manufacturing and life sciences sectors; to respond to the needs of the business community in order to foster business retention and expansion; and to explore international business opportunities.

“By preserving these lands, the Town will be able to create a vibrant employment community that reflects the vision of both the Town and our residents,” said Jane Clohecy, Planning and Development Commissioner.

In addition, one of the six major studies supporting the Town’s forthcoming Livable Oakville official plan was a comprehensive employment land review. This review enables the Town to establish policies for protecting employment lands in order to meet the Town’s future business needs.

The Town of Oakville has a total employment land supply of almost 2,000 net hectares. Approximately 1,500 net hectares is located in south Oakville along the QEW and is nearing full capacity. The remainder, just over 500 net hectares, is planned for north Oakville.

UPDATE May 6, 2009 – Coronation Drive School Site

The OMB held its Prehearing Conference on May 5, 2009 relating to the Coronation Drive school site. The Prehearing Conference had the developer, Ashley Oaks, and the HCDSB as parties along with the Region of Halton and the Town of Oakville. NEO-RA was given participant status.

HCDSB already owns the ‘north’ portion of the school site. Ashley Oaks owns the larger ‘south’ portion of the school site. HCDSB has rights to acquire the Ashley Oaks portion of the school site. The HCDSB representative reiterated that the HCDSB does want the site and that it requires the site. It seems that both parties now want to complete a transaction. In March 2009 HCDSB made an offer to purchase which was not accepted. In May 2009 Ashley Oaks made a “Section 30” offer, which would transfer ownership to HCDSB but defer the setting of the price through a predetermined process; this offer was not accepted. At the OMB Prehearing Conference, the parties indicated their desire to conclude a transaction. Ashley Oaks agreed to extend its “Section 30” offer to June 3rd 2009; this extension meets the time requirement that HCDSB requested in order to have sufficient time to work through its approval process.

If the extended Ashley Oaks is accepted by June 3rd, the school site will be with HCDSB (next step would be for HCDSB to build a school on it). If it is not accepted, the OMB Prehearing Conference will resume on June 17, 2009.

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