News From the November 26, 2008 NEO-RA Meeting

We had our regular Council meeting followed by a discussion with Mayor Burton. We were pleased with the opportunity to hear from Mayor Burton on the activities and direction of Town Council and the Region of Halton: thank you Mayor for the information and the discussion.

You can view Mayor Burton’s 2008 Status Report and remarks at: (September 29, 2008, Item 1)

Town Councillor Tom Adams joined the discussion and assisted with various questions and was helpful as always.

At the regular Council meeting we were pleased to welcome John Paulic as a new Councillor. Other business included establishing two new committees:

Dundas Noise Committee
Munn’s PS Addition Committee

Our next meeting will be in the evening of January 28, 2009. Please check back for time and place.

Munn’s Public School Addition Committee

The purpose of this committee is to delegate the HDSB in support of the planned addition to Munn’s PS. NEO-RA supports an addition being built onto Munn’s PS. This addition is to be put forward for approval by the HDSB in January 2009. Our committee may consider including in its delegation a recommendation for revisions to plans. Niklas Moeller is chairperson of this committee. Please email us if you want to participate in the activities of this committee.

Dundas Noise Committee

The purpose of the committee is to address the concerns of the residents along Dundas Street with regards to noise pollution. John Paulic is the chairpersons of this committee and is joined by Addy El-Rayes and Nancy Pavao. Please email us if you want to participate in the activities of this committee.

News From the October 29, 2008 NEO-RA Meeting

We were pleased to host a presentation by Town Councillor Tom Adams last week for public consultation on the Town of Oakville’s 2009 budget. Councillor Adams is the Chair of the Town’s 2009 Budget Committee. Councillor Adams was joined by Patti Elliott-Spencer, Director of Finance & Treasurer: thank you to both for a worthwhile presentation and discussion.

The preliminary budget forecast shows a 10.23% increase in the Town’s portion of the 2009 tax levy. The total property tax is split between education, Region of Halton and the Town. The weighted increase in the 2009 tax levy will depend on the changes in all of these components. The Town is looking to significantly lower this preliminary increase. The Town is looking for feedback from the public on spending priorities and otherwise, so if you have views, don’t keep them to yourself.

You can find information and the schedule at:
You can submit to:

Our next meeting will be in the evening of November 26, 2008. On this evening we will be hosting Mayor Burton. Mayor Burton will update us on Town Council’s plans for the future, and he wants to hear what type of future we envision for Oakville. Please check back for time and place.

Town’s Fall Newsletter

Last week you will have received in the mail the Town’s fall newsletter, a glossy magazine entitled “Let’s Talk Oakville”. There’s lots of good information to read. We were pleased that Councillor’s Adams and Khan arranged for our residents’ association to be introduced in this newsletter (see it on page 27).

The mid-block trail crossings (page 26) is an item of interest:
- Fifteen are coming in the spring of 2009
- Five are coming to our Ward 6, and maybe a sixth
- The purpose is to facilitate pedestrian crossings with minimal traffic interruption
- Sample picture is illustrated
- North Ridge Trail crossing may or may not be useful in addressing crossing needs for school children attending St. Marguerite d’Youville CS and Joshua Creek PS; we will need to learn more

The update on school planning for Coronation Drive (page 28) is not complete. Our understanding is:
- Arbitration on the price of the one part of the school lot is currently in progress between HCDSB and the one developer
- The other part of the school lot has not been released by the HCDSB and the HCDSB has indicated that it intends to purchase it but this has yet to occur; the developer who owns this part has an application with the Town to rezone and subdivide this part for housing; HCDSB opposed this application; NEORA opposed this application; next step with Town is statutory public meeting which has not yet been scheduled; this developer has filed an appeal with the OMB
- To get a school on the site, the HCDSB needs to acquire the property, approve a school and arrange for funding
- Things are more complex than the article suggests; nothing has changed relative to our other posting:

Do you think Oakville’s Ward boundaries should change for 2010 elections or after?

For more information regarding Ward changes please click on: