UPDATE May 6, 2009 – Coronation Drive School Site

The OMB held its Prehearing Conference on May 5, 2009 relating to the Coronation Drive school site. The Prehearing Conference had the developer, Ashley Oaks, and the HCDSB as parties along with the Region of Halton and the Town of Oakville. NEO-RA was given participant status.

HCDSB already owns the ‘north’ portion of the school site. Ashley Oaks owns the larger ‘south’ portion of the school site. HCDSB has rights to acquire the Ashley Oaks portion of the school site. The HCDSB representative reiterated that the HCDSB does want the site and that it requires the site. It seems that both parties now want to complete a transaction. In March 2009 HCDSB made an offer to purchase which was not accepted. In May 2009 Ashley Oaks made a “Section 30” offer, which would transfer ownership to HCDSB but defer the setting of the price through a predetermined process; this offer was not accepted. At the OMB Prehearing Conference, the parties indicated their desire to conclude a transaction. Ashley Oaks agreed to extend its “Section 30” offer to June 3rd 2009; this extension meets the time requirement that HCDSB requested in order to have sufficient time to work through its approval process.

If the extended Ashley Oaks is accepted by June 3rd, the school site will be with HCDSB (next step would be for HCDSB to build a school on it). If it is not accepted, the OMB Prehearing Conference will resume on June 17, 2009.

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