Subsidizing Developers in Halton Rejected By Halton Regional Council April 1, 2009

A message from Councillor Tom Adams:

"Dear Residents, I wish to thank the literally hundreds of you that responded to the request for your comments on the proposed Recession Recovery By-Law that would have suspended the collection of the April 1, 2009 indexing portion of development charges at the Region of Halton until Sept.30, 2009. Your individual messages of opposition combined to create over 500 messages that poured in over just 24 hours. Each of you assisted us in turning the tide to stop the Recession Recovery By-Law from proceeding at Halton Regional council today. In my opinion, your hundreds of emails helped create an awareness in the rest of Regional Council that the general public do not support subsidies to the development community. Mayor Rob Burton played a key role today by moving an amendment that deleted the section of the original motion that would otherwise have created the $3.3 million development subsidy. His amendment was supported by every member of Regional Council after a great deal of discussion and debate. I thank him for his leadership in this matter. Once again, thank you for your enormous support. Regards, Tom "

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