News on Munn’s Public School Additions 01/25/2009

At the January 21, 2009 meeting of the HDSB, Superintendent Cullen reported to the trustees on the addition to Munn’s PS as well as construction at the other schools affected by PARC16B (Sunningdale and Montclair). Superintendent Cullen reported that they have been able to take care of most concerns of principals and school councils. Superintendent Cullen reported that they would be taking back revised plans to school councils one more time before sending plans for the additions out for tender. Superintendent Cullen reported that a large portion of comments concerned traffic and access and that they looked into putting ‘new school’ traffic features into ‘old schools’ where possible. Superintendent Cullen reported that they have consulted comments from the community so that they move in the right direction. This interaction and consultation, if true, sounds good and would be a great improvement over how HDSB handled the additions onto Joshua Creek PS (presented without consultation and in fact they mislead as to where the addition would be put, which wasn’t known until the Town of Oakville distributed notices).

Superintendent Cullen reported that accepted tenders would be announced in February 2009. Trustees put a halt on Superintendent Cullen by asking him to bring back to trustees the plans that HDSB will be putting out to tender, before it is put out to tender. Superintendent Cullen did not intend to consult with trustees before putting the plans out to tender but rather just show them after they went out to tender. We commend the proactive effort of the trustees in this regard.

If you have comment or concerns with the plans for the addition at Munn’s PS or other related construction activity (e.g., parking lots, tree removals), you now have a window of opportunity to provide feedback to your school council, HDSB planning department or to the HDSB trustees. Next chance to comment is the Town’s Site Plan Committee meeting that will approve the plan submitted by HDSB.

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